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Module 1 : The Beginners Intensive Course
Of FENG SHUI (Level 1)

What is FENG SHUI ?

Feng Shui is a science which dates back 3500 years, whereby by arranging our living environment with all the 5 respective elements(fire, wood, earth, metal, water).When these elements are in complete harmony with each other, balance the chi effectively, thus bringing good health, wealth, peace and happiness.

What you will gain from this Course ?

You will gain the necessary skills required to apply Feng Shui effectively and efficiently for yourselves and your near and dear ones. You will learn about classical Feng Shui covering the various aspects and schools. You can gain the skills that will serve you a lifetime, since you will know how to make things happen by applying the science of Feng Shui correctly.

Applicable to :

This course is applicable to newcomers who have little or no knowledge of Feng Shui but are interested in this science.

So isn't it worth, just by investing a day to learn skills that will make everyday more rewarding and bring health, wealth and happiness in your life.



Module 2 : Advanced FENG SHUI with
Practical Applications

I will be teaching in Module 2,not only the advanced concepts of Feng Shui but also practical applications of Feng Shui and how to apply it for your own premises.

You will be allowed to get the layout of your own premises to discuss. Also I will be teaching about the advanced school of flying stars in this module and how the cures and enhancers have to be used.

What you will gain from this Course ?

You will be pleased to know that after you have successfully understood this course, you will be able to do Feng Shui for yourself and friends by using the 2 most important schools of Feng Shui, 8 mansions and flying star school.

Applicable to :

Only students who have basic knowledge of Feng Shui

Course Conducted BY: ADVANCED PRACTITIONER DIMPLE LUNIYA                                                         

Covid Times

All courses will be conducted via zoom .

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