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Bazi Reading

Bazi means destiny analysis or if compared to Indian Astrology, it is like the Chinese form of the Indian Kundli.

Bazi also means 8 characters which are translated from our birth information and is also known as 'FOUR PILLARS OF DESTINY'. Unlike Western astrology, which calculates the movement of heavenly bodies to determine your destiny, the four pillars calculate the type of 'qi' (energy) you inhaled at birth.

Through Bazi, the potential, the mysteries, the ups and downs of life are revealed to us in full details. By decoding a person's bazi, we can unlock and reveal everything there is to know about a person's life and destiny. Things like determining your compatibility with your to-be partner, careers and environments best suited to you, Bazi has all the answers and can provide you with the necessary guidance. Bazi and Feng Shui, nowadays are used extensively by business tycoons all over the world, since Bazi is the 'diagnosis' of a problem and 'Feng Shui' is the solution.

What Details are required to do Anyone's Bazi?

  1. Date of birth and time of birth.

Bazi Reading (Chinese Astrology)

  • Basic Level
  • Advanced level

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